Friday, January 2, 2015

Just Journaling

2 January 2015

Is it just me or do you become easily distracted when that still small voice begins to speak to you? I can go all day totally focused and on point until I feel that little nudge and then bam! everything needs my attention and needs it now! I can go all day (well a good part of the day) and not even think of food. But then the Holy Spirit will begin to whisper my name and suddenly I’m ravenous. Or I will remember that I was supposed to pay a bill or make a phone call -anything to keep me from answering that voice.

Oh and now at the beginning of the year it’s at its worse. Of course we’ve all committed to doing better and being better – to being more available to God. Not just to do stuff for Him, but to just spend time with Him (I hope we have committed to that.) But of course you’re also committed to exercising more and getting more done on your never-shrinking to-do list and maybe even writing more. And no matter how difficult it’s been to get the other things done, they suddenly seem easier when it’s time to spend a moment in the presence of God.

Oh, Father God, for grace to do better – not necessarily bigger, but better.

Precious, Father, grant me ears that ever hear you; eyes that continually see you; and a heart that is unceasingly available to answer your call – no matter what time of day it is or what else may be going on, may I drop it all to answer your still small voice. Sweet Jesus, may it be reminiscent of the early days of motherhood where at the slightest sound from my sweet baby, I hurried to her side to see what it was she desired of me. And may I be even more eager to grant you whatever you ask. If you tell me to write a friend may I do it immediately and with all the love and compassion you would show. If you tell me to go and do, may I like the twelve, drop everything and immediately follow you. If you tell me to simply sit and abide in your presence, may I count it an honour and dwell with you for as long as you will have me. May no task seem too small and no request too big. May I hear and like the sweet virgin Mary and respond, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord.” I exist, Father only to please you. May I never allow the cares of this world to change my purpose.

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