Friday, April 22, 2016

Letting Go

Today as I continue my journey, my walk with God, I had to take another hard look at my life and get real with myself. I also had to take a real hard look at those in my life who share this journey.  Actually, let me back up a bit.

In trying to be more committed to the study of God’s Word, I’m doing a Beth Moore Bible study entitled, “Jesus The One And Only” with my dear friend Sue. In the portion of lesson we went over today, I was challenged to consider who pours into my cup. Who am I looking to for fulfillment in life? Am I trying to be satisfied by someone other than Christ? Now we all have people who play a part in making us whole and I’m not knocking that, BUT what role do they play? am I / are you giving them a position that can only be filled by Christ?

The consideration of that question is why I backed up after beginning in the sharing of this segment of my journey. I didn’t fully comprehend how much I allow others to influence what I did and said until I began this study again. I have always thought of myself as an independent person who didn’t care much what others thought of me and my choices and actions. This characteristic was really prominent in my life before Christ. After Christ I tried to tone it down a bit so that my “freedom to be me” didn’t turn anyone away from the Christ in me.  I backed up because even as my keys went over my keyboard, I was wondering how my words would be perceived and received by others.

Christ is setting me free from that concern. Not to the point where I don’t care what others say and how my words are received – just to the point where I don’t allow their opinions to hinder me in doing what I feel the Spirit of God is leading me to share.  When I called my blog “Sharing the Journey” I was being quite intentional. This faith walk is indeed a journey. And like any journey of real significance, it will include peaks and valleys, dips and curves, and rough places as well as smooth.  I have to stop picking and choosing what think needs to be shared based on what others think and let the Spirit of God lead me.

I write for His glory and not for the approval of people – no matter how much I love and esteem them. I write to share a “word in season to him that is weary.” (Isaiah 50:4) I write to encourage those who like me are going through the valleys as well as the peaks of a walk with Christ. Someone, somewhere out there can relate to my words and I believe they will be encouraged if by nothing other than the realization that they are not alone.  Someone else besides me is going through and can relate. And I believe as God brings me through, they will be encouraged in knowing that because He is no respecter of persons, He will also bring them through.

There is so much more I want to say but at the same time, I feel enough has been said. These words are shared with you but were written for me. God is preparing me for a great work. This beginning is very humble but it is a beginning. Right here, right now, I lay at my Master’s feet the innate and often unperceived need to please man. I am here to serve man but to please my God. Hang on tight fellow sojourners, things are about to get interesting.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


It has been a long road to where I find myself today. It was dark and winding with many hills and valleys. It was muddy and unpaved and difficult to traverse. There wasn’t much to look at except dark shadows and reflections of myself in the numerous puddles. Light only showed through in small bursts. I was certain I was lost but had traveled too far to turn back. So instead I prayed and even that was difficult because my circumstances did not put one in a mind of prayer. And now I find myself in a wide open space, at a fork in the road. So I pause and reflect.

This journey has not been easy and I’m certain that the decisions I make at this new intersection will determine if I return to that dark place or continue in wide open places. Oh I pray I make the right choice. And if I should by chance make a wrong decision, God please turn me around before I go too far. But preferably, I’ll make the right choice the first time. I just have to pray and seek God’s face and trust Him to show me the way I’m to go.  After all, He said He’d direct my path1 and He is not a man that He should lie2, so I’ll sit a moment at this crossroad and wait to see which way He’ll have me to go.

I don’t usually do well with waiting. I don’t have any problem with sitting and resting (just ask my family) but when I know something has to be done, I want to do it. I feel a sense of urgency – usually. But not today.  Granted my sitting and waiting will in no way mean I’m doing nothing. I must commit myself to praying and to the Word of God. His word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path3 so it is imperative that I study it and learn it and live it. And prayer is the key to it all. Think about it; how can you know which way the Father will have you take if you don’t communicate with Him?

I confess I’ve not really been sharing this journey with you – my family, friends, and followers. I didn’t want to bring anyone else into the dark places I tread. Perhaps that was a disservice to both you and me. To you because learning of the path I was on may have possibly helped you to avoid it. To me because having you along may have brought me out sooner. Either way, we’re both here now, Sharing the Journey, and I welcome your company. Let’s continue by saying a word of prayer:

Most holy and all wise God; Father we come to you with outstretched hands giving to you all that we have – our hurts our pains our disappointments; even our dreams and our desires. We ask that you take all that we are and give us your Spirit in exchange. Not just a touch of your Spirit, Father, but a deep abiding in-filling of the Spirit of Christ. We don’t ask for less of us and more of you; no we come saying none of us and all of you. We ask that we may say in all truth and sincerity the words of the Apostle Paul as recorded in Galatians 2:20 NIV, “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” Fill us up, Lord until you very Spirit seeps from our pores. Fill us, Father and use us for your glory. We surrender to you and trust you to make our paths straight.  In Jesus’ Name – amen.

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