Thursday, July 9, 2015

What An Honor

As I came before the Lord in the early hours of the day, the Holy Spirit reminded me what a privilege and honor such a time was. I thought of the excitement I felt when introduced to men and women of greatness and authority – men and women of power and distinction. I have not met a president of this (or any) great country, but what an honor that would be. How much more the honor of coming – invited – into the presence of not just a great and mighty god, but the only true God, creator and sustainer of all that is. I am His and He is mine and He loves me with a never-ending love. Spending the opening hours of the day with Him is not a chore or an item to be checked off my to-do list. It is not something I have to do, but something I get to do and I pray I never take that privilege or my God for granted.

Precious Father
so holy and wise,
what am I
to your all seeing eyes?

When you look down
upon my humbled form
what makes you cover me
and keep me from harm?

What do you see
when you look on my face?
Am I just another
of this pitiful race?

I think not;
I believe you see more.
You see your beloved –
the one Christ died for.

When you see me
I pray see the blood –
covered and transformed
So much more than just mud.

Filled with your Spirit –
humble and true,
when you see me –
I pray you see you.

Precious Father,
so holy and wise,
thank you for seeing me
with love in your eyes.

Written by Dutchess Horton
© 2015 All rights reserved

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