Thursday, September 11, 2014

What's It All For?

  What’s It All For?                                                                                        September 11, 2014

This morning after some personal and private time in the presence of my God, I turned on Joel Osteen for an uplifting word and further encouragement. I was not disappointed. His sermon topic was, “Today is Your Day.” He encouraged me to have faith for today which I found interesting. I had never really thought about when my faith was for; I just wanted to make sure it was active. But he encouraged listeners to stop expecting God to do something “one day” or in the “great by-and-by” – expect God to bless you today; to deliver you today; to heal you today. I can do that.

A little later I turned on Bishop TD Jakes and he said something that also made me pause. Truthfully I cannot remember exactly what he said, but the thought that entered my mind when he said it was, “Why? What’s it all for?”  Why do we want the blessings of God? Why do we want the favor of God? Why do we want God to bless us today?

In the book of James we read we have not because we ask not or when we ask we ask with wrong motives.  So it’s good to ask God to bless us – as His children it’s our right. He is glorified when we are blessed by receiving what we ask of Him. But what is our motive in asking God to bless us? I’ll take it a bit further, since my blog is called “Sharing the Journey” we’ll look specifically at me and this journey I’ve invited you to witness.

I have been praying for the will and ability to lose weight more years than I care to remember.  I am WELL over what is considered healthy for my height but, as my doctor has said (and I quote), “Other than being obese you’re in excellent health.” If I am in excellent health despite my weight, why have I wanted to lose weight for so long? More importantly, why haven’t I been successful?

Another prayer has been for deliverance from debt. In fact, long before I incurred any debt (other than a $100 a month car payment) the Holy Spirit told me that I would I would be blessed financially.  This word was spoken directly to me (in my heart) by God.  It was spoken to me again by a guest preacher visiting the church I attended. He didn’t know me, had never seen me before, and knew nothing of my financial status (which was pretty good then). But he cut short his sermon because God was giving him a word of prophecy for several people, one of which was yours truly.

After that word was received and confirmed, I strayed away from the faith. When I returned to a right relationship with God I felt for sure all previous promises had been forfeited.  But God said not so! (Hallelujah – I get excited just thinking about it!)  He sent six different prophets on seven different occasions to tell me God wanted to bless me financially.  There was of course more to it than that but for now, just know God wanted me to know that it was not His will for me to be broke, busted, and disgusted.  But that’s exactly what I was – am. Why? And why do I want my situation to change?

Many of us want God’s blessings for personal reasons. We want to be comfortable. We want to be able to do things we are currently unable to do. We want to be looked upon favorably by others. Dare I say there are even some of us who want to be envied. Really, what’s it all for?

I believe until our will lines up with God’s will and our desires are His desires, it’s all for naught.  Yes God wants me to prosper and be in health even as my soul prospers.  He wants to satisfy my desires with good things. He wants me to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. But why?  I’m neither a theologian nor a Bible scholar.  But I’m on a journey to know my God AND to make Him known and I’d like to offer my theory on the matter.  Until it is all for his glory and the up-building of His kingdom, it is for the wrong reason.  It may be a good reason, but unless it fits with Matthew 6:33 that good reason is a wrong reason. And when our motive is wrong I don’t think we will have ALL He desires to give us. 

Father, I don’t know it all but you said in your Word if any man lacks wisdom he should ask.  I’m asking you, dear God, give me wisdom and understanding in this matter. I recognize that faith the size of a grain of mustard seed is all that is required to move mountains, but my mountain is not moving and my faith is real. I also recognize that you are not a man that you should lie and that your words will not return unto you void but will accomplish what you send it out to do. So the problem is not with you. I’ve checked myself and re-examined myself in the light of your word and yes I am lacking in many areas. Though I strive for the mark…. Ah, Holy Spirit I hear you and I thank you. Work on me, Lord Jesus. Make me what you would have me to be.  And for those who you send to read this and pray with me, let them also hear your voice. It is your desire that we be blessed and have our prayers answered, but in your time and under the right circumstances. What’s it all for? You know, O God. Make it known. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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